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Life After High School

A typical child’s life begins with several years of freedom, followed by school. Once school starts, it is likely to last a lifetime as it progresses into harder concepts. According to the main idea behind education, school is about teaching not only cold facts, but equipping students with all necessary skills to survive outside school. This is the philosophy that has been followed since the school was introduced, the question remains that, is it a working strategy? Such questions arise from situations that students pass through after high school. Before getting into college, you have to score good results then you will be set on your way to college.

College degrees are idolized in today’s society, but life gets tougher while chasing a college degree and even after that. The times when students suffer the most are, that period between high school and college. The other being, that time between graduation and a first job. That is the time when it is realized that skills for survival are not really emphasized in schools. The emphasis is on getting a job, meaning you are conditioned to think like an employee from 1st grade through to college. There is not a single skill that can earn you money, unless that skill is backed by a degree.

The life after school of most

This topic is highly debated in the modern information age where adored millionaires are mostly dropouts. These argue that the school has lost its true purpose, to educate the masses. Instead, it is forcing students to memorize tons of information, just to offload that information on the exam paper. The information students are forced to memorize can easily be googled and an answer pops up with just a single click. Life could be much easier for them if they were taught how money works, how to generate money and keep money working for them even after retirement.

The life after school of most graduates is hard to navigate, there is almost no real-world application of trigonometry and mathematical geometry. These fields of mathematics are not useless, they are absolutely useful, only to the right people. An education system should arise, one that teaches skills based on a child’s abilities that will help him survive. People are gifted differently and their gifts play huge roles in society even to earn them a living. The best way to make life easier for an individual for them to make a valuable impact on society is to help them identify their unique gift.

Schools should adopt this method of

One person can be gifted musically, another logically to understand mathematics, while another it will be a fashion designer. All these people can have a bright future if their talents are nurtured from an early stage. The problem that causes such gifts or talent not to manifest is treating every pupil the same in school settings. This does not mean some should be treated better than others, but to treat each pupil in a way that provides a suitable environment for their gift to grow. When a musically talented student is taught how to make a living from his talent, life won’t be as hard in society.

Schools should adopt this method of education, it can produce better equipped members of society who contribute positively. That can reduce unemployment levels in a country because money making ideas will be made by any individual who was nurtured in his talent. Employers will come from entrepreneurship-minded people who will provide jobs for those who want to work for a living. When each person plays their role, things will fall in their place.

Life After High School

While the current education system cannot change overnight, there is a path you can take to make the odds turn in your favor. The first step is finding a field in which you are passionate about, then studying more about that particular field. Read many books on the same topic to gain a broader understanding of it. Such a practice will open doors to new possibilities which were once thought imaginable. After a wide knowledge base is achieved, actionable steps can be taken and success will be in the process.

Life after school is tough, for those who are unequipped to face its challenges. For those that prepare adequately by understanding how to make themselves valuable, they prosper. How well you prepare determines how tough life will be after school.