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Navigating High School Life

High school life has two sides, the fun moments with friends and the usual boring learning part. An estimated 9 out of 10 former high school students will report boredom throughout their high school learning years. Due to several factors surrounding high school life, it is expected from the education system to the environment. Others might argue that isolating students gives them an ability to concentrate more on their studies than anything else. But this strategy is quite toxic to the mind of a person. They will not have those necessary skills for survival in society, except the professional skills they acquire.

The school will indeed grant you professional knowledge, but most of life’s essential skills, like how to relate to other individuals, are overlooked. Picture a student who is considered a nerd, he has few friends, and no girl wants to hang with him. His high school life is guaranteed to be miserable, and he would consider it boring in all aspects because that person never had fun. The culprit in such a case is the environment that school life creates based on social stratification. It is social stratification that classifies students, the cool kids, popular girls, and nerds.

Countless courses teach skills that will

The toxic environment that school life creates is the breeding ground for low self-esteem, including boredom in school. The cool guys who have nice possessions, probably a car, will get nice dates on prom nights. While the nerds will either be admiring their friends having fun, or stay up studying, praying that graduation comes as soon as possible. For those who enjoy the fun activities in school, life is generally an adventure, while for nerds, school is hell, they strive to get out. Added to these problems is the education system’s whole structure, which doesn’t actively equip students with survival skills.

Countless courses teach skills that will help an individual get a job, which is the basis of all courses offered. That is not wrong, and the only crime is killing a person’s dreams, making them feel like such dreams are impossible. A student is forced to take subjects that won’t even help them in their career, a musician by heart can be forced to take geography. There is used for that subject, but it is noise to their ears to a musically inspired student. That is another reason why high school life is boring, being forced to take subjects with no real-life application.

Your aim should be to block

Despite the reasons why high school life can be tedious, there are several ways to improve it. Solving that problem of low self-esteem requires fixing your mind on your goals. There is no long-term reward for being famous in school, only momentary gratification without real gains. To achieve this, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone, enjoy yourself with people who share similar interests with you. By doing that, there will be fewer to no issues of low esteem, high school years can pass quickly in this environment.

Your aim should be to block out as much toxicity as you can to make environmental conditions habitable. Be in your special zone where you will not mind what others think or say about you. Next is keeping your dreams alive; the school tends to make dreams feel impossible to achieve. Work hard to achieve those goals, if it means staying up late at night studying, then do it. Best results can be achieved not by average effort but by the best of your abilities. If music is your interest, find a musically inspiring area with people who support that idea.

Navigating High School Life

Life in high school is a blend of highs and lows, there isn’t a clearly defined scheme that can be used to navigate high school. It will be boring, and other people will try their best to make life miserable for you. Try to stay clear of them, focus your studies and keep your dreams alive, keep them in front.

Countering boredom in high school can be challenging, it requires dedicated focus without wavering. Classes will be boring, friends will be few, even in these conditions, high school life can still be made enjoyable. Through monotonous courses and workshops, high school can leave lasting memories. When those memories are leveraged, boredom will be minimal, completing high school days pass quicker.