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Similarities Between High School and Real Life

Life is all about repetition, that is, we experience things that have happened before. Most times when things are repeated, they occur differently from what we used to know. The fact remains that we grow up to do almost the same things we used to do in childhood. Becoming an adult usually comes more quickly for most teenagers, mainly because of convenience. We neglect most of our youthful days while waiting for the mid-stage of life because we love the feeling of being an adult and having freedom. But in reality, an obvious resemblance still exists between life before and after college.

For many, schooling isn’t a problem as many find school activities interesting. However, a great relief is often felt when people are done with school. Teens, especially, are more interested in real life where you’ll be free to do anything you wish to do. They don’t realize that real life and high school share only a slight difference. The excitement of becoming an adult is often so overwhelming that some teens do try to act as if they were. Another issue is that mature people do believe their lifestyles after college have changed completely.

Secret love affairs and relationships have

You can’t avoid certain things in life, even after finishing high school. For instance, drama occurs in every place, not to talk of when there is a crowd of people or an extended family. Only if you are inanimate, there will always be a sense of drama in you. It’s okay if you can let go of problems and hinder it affecting you in the wrong way, though. What you do starting from when you rise from bed in the morning till the time for sleep is simply drama.

Secret love affairs and relationships have never been eradicated since creation and will not be. Having a secret lover may be considered abnormal, in your view. Don’t be in a haste, wait for your turn, endure till the time you get your real person who will fall your hand. Being a coward may not make you walk with him or her even when you love them deep down. You keep ‘dying in silence’ until reality dawns on you and fate is accepted.

Whether in real life or college,

Everyone still doesn’t stop backbiting after they finish high school. When you are done with school life, you would probably think about dealing with only people with mature lifestyles. That might turn out to be impossible as backbiting is inherent in humans. A wide range of people are still operating in a behavior of the past. Instead of aiming things and fulfilling it in life, they gather to backbite their neighbors.

Whether in real life or college, balance is often necessary as the popular saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. A man should create himself time for relaxation and play, to create balance in lifestyle. He mustn’t wear serious looks at all times, but shouldn’t constitute nuisance with excess jokes. You’ll have to take responsibility for what you have done. One keeps planning their future by looking at their past since moments will come when you will have to rethink on all what you do in life. Status or level doesn’t make any meaning here, low or high, rich or poor, all groups of humans fall into this category. When this kind of idea flushes into your mind, never consider it bizarre, simply act.

Similarities Between High School and Real Life

Bullying is not limited to school premises, it can occur anywhere, in offices, churches, marketplaces, and more. If the rod is spared while a bully is in his prime age, she might become a threat, leading to havoc and high cases of criminal activities everywhere. In most places where souls are found, there are bullies too as they are never limited to a place.

Another thing is that friends will always be there to counsel you. You’ll rather want to do something reasonable when you are introduced into something by your peers because you’ve attained a point where it’s necessary to do such a thing. Peers will always influence man’s way of living, but every man is to choose whether the influence will be positive or negative. The fact remains that nothing has really changed much about life right from high school days. We only experience a shift or an improvement in lifestyle which occurs at maturity.