American High Life School

The High School Experience

A high school is an institution where students go to obtain more knowledge after having completed primary education. It is the next step taken to broaden the mind in all aspects of life and build a future upon what is taught or learned. The motivation to learn is given by teachers who encourage students not to give up but to fight and live within boundaries. In high school, a student gets to determine what the future life will look like depending on the seriousness with which studies are taken. Taking studies seriously leads to success while lazing around ends up in failure.

The first days in school can

The first days in school can be challenging for many students, especially those who have never been far from the school. All thoughts of being away from parents give them a headache because they have never had the chance to make their own decisions. This is where now you are expected to make the right choices in terms of choosing friends and what to do at a given time. Bad choices always lead to facing dire consequences that have to be faced while good decisions are rewarded with a price of good results at the end of the study.

High schools have rules and regulations

High schools have rules and regulations that have to be strictly followed. Being against the rules is an offense that has had disciplinary actions that are not light. Leaving school using other means without permission is a punishable offense that requires coming back with parents to explain your behavior. This meant that a suspension or expulsion would be underway depending on the seriousness of the situation. The disciplinary committee can sit down to discuss what should be done to you as a way of ensuring you do not repeat the mistake. This always hindered a learner from getting good marks after any sitting exam is done.

The High School Experience

Interesting moments are expected in high school life like when going out to represent the school at certain levels. For footballers, playing with the ball allowed going and playing with players from other schools in competition for a trophy. This start was not always as good as going up to the finals of this competition and competitively fighting for the trophy or reward given. It was a moment that required using all the energy present to ensure that the best is done in achieving the goal. Many challenges were faced but only the best would thrive and go on top of those sleeping on talents. It was a great experience, especially during my personal high school life. They meant everything.

Music festivals happen in all second terms of every year, with students expected to fill that gap and represent the school to a particularly high level. Teachers can be harsh sometimes whenever they teach and a student doesn’t get the rhythm being taught correctly. To make it to a particular school choir, auditions were done that required lone singing to test the power of your voice. Whenever your voice was found to be weak, it was the end of your musical career and only the best could be left to proceed to the highest competition level to be representatives of the school.

Winning during drama festivals was the best thing that could happen to the student actors. Learning all available lines, memorizing them, and adding emotions to bring them out beautifully was not easy. Some male characters could be used as female characters to make the piece enjoyable and funnier. To proceed to the next stages required a lot of effort from both the trainers and students to ensure that the best play is obtained. Games, we’re more used to encouraging and growing young talents during this high school level.

All the best moments were when, after a whole year filled with activities, all results of those who sat for exams came out. It was a moment filled with happiness because of the good grades obtained through hard work. Teachers became happy since their efforts were not in vain. Bulls could be slaughtered as a form of celebrating the success of those who sat for their exams. The foods we’re supposed to be brought in by sponsors and good-wishers to encourage those who were next in line to take a certain school from an academic angle. Memories will always stick in the mind of these best things that transpired in high school.